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"LatFin Group" LLC was formed on October 26, 2011 in Riga, Latvia. The company specializes in metalworking, shipbuilding and construction, and has strong business relationships with its partners in Latvia and across Europe and Asia. With a constant growth of employees, "LatFin Group" LLC positions itself as a strong market participant with a strategic task to comply with Latvian and world legislations.

In order to meet industry requirements each employee before entering work environment, must pass necessary training and company’s internal examination. All on-site operations are done under head-master supervision.

Though "LatFin Group" LLC is a relatively young company, it has already established itself as a stable and reliable partner and employer. With a strong vision, "LatFin Group" is constantly working on developing new projects and business ideas.

"LatFin Group" LLC values can be described as follows:

  • searching and continuous training of the company staff
  • adapting international work norms and standards
  • providing staff with modern technologies and a favourable living environment
  • controlling of the work environment
  • quality control and compliance with contracts’ terms

Our objects



Now Hiring. “LatFin Group” LLC is looking for specialists for the following positions in the construction industry:

Now Hiring. “LatFin Group” LLC is looking for specialists for the following positions in the metalworking industry:
production and installation of the fireplaces
production and installation of the stoves, heating boilers, and expansion tanks.

Contracts with employees are signed according to Latvian and international law. All hired employees are provided with accommodations and work uniform.

Please submit your resume here. We are happy to see you as a part of our team.

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